miniDebConf Vaumarcus happened

MiniDebConf Vaumarcus 2019 - Oct 25.-27.

miniDebConf Vaumarcus Group Picture

The miniDebConf19 Vaumarcus was this week-end in Vaumarcus. Some 35 attendees gathered together in LeCamp, which provided for accomodation, food and all the hacking and talk spaces.

The view is really fantastic from here! Thanks for all the fish!

A dozen of talks and BoFs ranging from ZFS to keyboard firmwares were presented, and, thanks to the awesome DebConf Video Team volunteers, a live video feed was provided covering most talks for remote attendees. Most talk videos are available already on the Meetings Archive.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters!

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We’ll be getting in touch with the attendees soon to gather feedback about the miniDebConf; the association will then discuss early next year whether to organize another miniDebConf in 2020. We’ll keep you posted!